Moroccan Food – Food in Morocco

The perfumed soul of our culture.

Moroccan FoodMoroccan Food, The fusion of influences from Africa, Arabia and Europe create the distinctive cuisine that Morocco is respected for. Spices and fruits feature extensively and the ingredients are fresh, natural, home-grown and delicately balanced. The spices are aromatic (cumin, cinnamon etc) rather than hot.

Mealtime is a very important part of home life and usually, begins with olives and bread. Followed by the classic Tagine, a slow-cooked stew made in an earthenware dish known by the same name. This is placed in the centre of the table for everyone to share and is often accompanied by couscous, considered a gift from Allah, or a colourful Moroccan salad.

Flatbreads are served with every meal and replace cutlery as you literally scoop your food up in the bread.
The ubiquitous green tea with mint, referred to as Berber Whiskey, is a ceremony in its own right and you will be welcomed almost everywhere you go with this wonderful Moroccan custom.