Overnight Camel Trek Merzouga – Camel Ride And One Or Two Ngths In Nomad Tent

Overnight Camel Trek Merzouga, If you come to visit Morocco undoubtedly you have to come to the Erg­Chebbi Sahara desert. See those great sunsets that offers the sky in the desert.

Enjoy an evening with traditional Berber music, drums echoing under an immensity of the star sky. You can see a unique sunrise. We assure you will never forget that night and it will be an adventure you will always remember.
Camel ride and night in the Sahara desert (nomad tent):

We arrive to Merzouga where you will leave your things in our hotel and you will pick up what you need to spend the night in the tent. Depending on arrival time we will take tea and rest before leaving, while we equip the camels. Once everything is ready, you will begin your great adventure in Erg Chebbi up of these great animals.

After an hour and a half, we will arrive to the camp having enjoyed the wonderful colours of the sand that those hours provide us, we will arrive during the sunset to contemplate.

Then you will have dinner with a typical Moroccan food, and later we will enjoy a night of live music with drums and a campfire to join us under the immensity of the star sky. Next morning we will see the sunrise, have breakfast and start our trip back, another hour and a half to the hotel where you can have a shower.

The Excursion includes:

  • Camel ride (3 hours)
  • Moroccan typical dinner and breakfast
  • Night in nomad tent
  • Sandboard